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AMG Giro G9 mkII Turntable


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Introducing the next generation of AMG's celebrated Giro turntable, The Giro MK II. All critical components impacting sonic performance have been updated and improved, while maintaining the elegant minimalist design, compact form factor, and precision build quality of its predecessor. With improvements to the platter, bearing, motor, pulley, electronics, and armboard, the Giro MK II sets a new standard for performance in its price class.


- 12lb rim-weighted POM platter, 40% heavier than the original, for improved speed stability and vibrational control

- Ultra-quiet Swiss-made 12v DC motor with smaller pulley for improved speed stability and increased dynamics

- High-mass hydrodynamic lubricated bearing with redesigned two-tier sub-platter interface for better fit, improved mechanical efficiency, and quiet operation

- Larger, higher-mass armboard for better rigidity at the tonearm mount, and allowance for wider tonearm compatibility

- All of AMG's trademark features, including decoupled spindle/bearing structure, capacitive touch speed selection with built-in electronic speed adjustment, tonearm with patented dual-pivot bearing, AMG Reflex Clamp, and optional linear power supply upgrade