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Audience Forte V8 Power Strip


Audience Forte V8 Power Strip is ordered from manufacturer upon request.

This product is not inventoried and will be ordered upon request.  Please Contact us for estimated shipping timeframe if needed. 

Audience Forte V8 Power

Audiophile Power Distributor

forte v8

Audience Forte V8 Shown with Forte F3 power cord (Not Included).

Quality Construction

The forte V8 Power from Audience offers music lovers very high quality AC distribution platform at a reasonable price. The  Forte V8  power chassis is constructed from a substantial extruded aluminum chassis with a high quality copper buss bar design. The high quality, hospital grade duplex AC receptacles are separately wired to the buss bars in STAR ground configuration with high purity 14 AWG stranded copper wire.

The Forte V8 also includes one section of standard Audience RF filtration. The power cord connection is a standard 15 amp IEC. All parts of the electric circuit have been cryogenically treated as well as Audience's proprietary EHVP (extreme high voltage process).

Plug In To The Wall, Or An Audience Power Conditioner

audience-ar2pThe V8 does not include surge or overload protection to degrade or fail over time. There is absolutely nothing to limit current delivery. The V8 can be plugged straight into the wall, or (preferabely) into any free outlet from any other Audience power conditioner. Many customers use thie with aR2p models power conditioner (pictured to the right) for extra noise filtration, surge and overload protection.


Substantial listening evaluations were performed for every element, over an 18 month R&D period of the V8. Although, the V8 was designed to be an affordable power block, corners were not cut at the sacrifice of good sound quality. The resulting V8 product lives up to the usual standard for Audience power products of “do no harm”.  In fact, the forte V8 Power provides a musically balanced high resolution solution.