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Audience Front Row Power Cord


Audience Front Row Power Cord - 3FT MP is ordered from manufacturer upon request.

This product is not inventoried and will be ordered upon request.  Please Contact us for estimated shipping timeframe if needed. 


MP - Source

HP - Power

The extreme performance of the frontRow powerChord AC cable pushes the envelope to an all new level, surprisingly extending the boundaries of your audio component’s ability to retrieve natural low level information, and providing a new depth into your music with life-like accuracy that will satisfy the most discerning ear. Even the highest (current on demand) components, such as Megawatt Mono Block Amplifiers, will excel in all parameters by the effective gauge and geometry of frontRow powerChords, while delicate passages are whispered into layer upon layer of refined musical depth, bringing all the realness of the recorded venue into your living environment.

With the introduction of MORRE technologies into the frontRow powerChord, all areas of musical performance are inherently and definitively improved. MORRE (Musically Optimized Reduction of Resistive Energy) is the umbrella name under which all of the current proven Audience technologies lie and is critical to the unparalleled achievement of the frontRowpowerChord. MORRE is inclusive of materials, connectors , geometries, as well as pre/post production processes/procedures and everything else found in the frontRow powerChord that makes it unequalled in competitive audio products. MORRE is a game changer.