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Audio Sensibility Signature Silver AES XLR

Brand: Audio Sensibility
Weight (kg): 0.4
Cryogenically Treated: by Audio Sensibility
Units of Measure: single

This is a single cable.

no box

The Signature AES/EBU Digital Cable provides a near state-of-the-art performance for balanced digital audio using the AES/EBU digital interface.

This digital cable uses 99.99998% (7N) Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) silver conductors. Noise is virtually eliminated with a unique 4 layer shielding system.

The Signature AES/EBU Digital Cable is available with XLR connectors.

Cable Geometry: Balanced design with three 20AWG rectangular OCC silver signal conductors in Teflon air tubes for positive, negative, and ground. Silk sleeving, carbon fiber shield, and braided silver-plated copper shield provide exceptional mechanical damping and EMI/RFI rejection.

Note: The AES/EBU signal transmission quality is unaffected by the length of the cable. This is unlike the S/PDIF digital coaxial cable where a length of at least 1.5m is recommended to reduce the effect of signal reflection.


  • Furutech FP-701F(G) female and FP-702M(G) male Gold-Plated XLR connectors. We replace the small XLR shells with custom-made 303 Stainless Steel XLR barrels which elevate the performance of these connectors.

Covering: The cables are finished with Techflex expandable sleeving.

Other Details: The wire and connectors have been cryogenically treated. Mundorf Silver-Gold Supreme Solder is used for all solder connections.