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Aurender ACS10 Music Server / Streamer


Aurender ACS10 Music Server / Streamer - Silver is ordered from manufacturer upon request.

Music lovers long dogged by the time-consuming nature and frustrating complexities of file-based media now have an ingenious solution in the form of the Aurender ACS10 content server. Integrating three critical functions – CD ripping; library storage, backup, and synchronization; and meta-tag editing – ACS10 allows users to finally bypass the use of computers, confusing software, and a NAS drive. ASC10 is digital audio at is most simplified and automated. It also serves as a caching streamer/server when paired with a USB DACand controlled by Aurender's award-winning Conductor app.

ACS10's one-touch, bit-perfect, error-corrected CD ripping to selected target folders on its pair of 3.5-inch hard disk drives takes all the pain and worry out of transferring your collection to a central database. An industrial-grade CD-ROM drawer-style drive and choice of FLAC, WAV, or AIFF codecs cover the mechanical elements associated with the process. SmartCopy and SmartCollect programs make file importation, library organization, consolidation, and management straightforward and easy. It even comes equipped with a function that helps identify and remove duplicate files.

Of course, ACS10 also takes into account the modern need for customization. Metadata recovery with album-art previews on its four-inch color LCD screen abet the ability to meta-tag alter your media before or after ripping via an in-app tag-editing program that assists with library organization, sorting, and naming. ACS10 also supports plug-and-play connection for use with the optional "Nimbie" CD AutoLoader that allows for automated ripping for up to 100 discs at a time.

Recognizing everyone has different requirements, ACS10 factory-fitted hard disk drives are available in three different size configurations: 4TBX2, 8TBX2, or 12TBX2 (simply select from the drop-down menu above). You can employ ACS10 as the central library for multiple Aurender units or use it to expand your existing Aurender server's storage capacity. When utilized as a standalone server/streamer, ACS10 boasts audio performance slightly better than that of the Aurender N100H yet achieves optimal heights when its isolated LAN Port is interfaced with an N10 or W20 doing duty as the audio player.