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Aurender ACS100 Music Server/Streamer


Aurender ACS100 Music Server/Streamer - Silver is ordered from manufacturer upon request.

High-Res Streaming, CD Ripping, Metadata Editing, Library Management, and App Control: Aurender ACS100 Music Server/Streamer Also Has User-Installable Storage Options

A less-expensive sibling to the Aurender ACS10 that still shares much of its bigger brother's functionality, the ACS100 music server/streamer brings high-resolution playback, CD ripping, metadata editing, and library management all under one roof. Offering clutter-free access to your music without any need for a computer, embedded TIDAL, Quboz, and Spotify Connect access, and award-winning tablet/phone control via the Aurender Conductor app, ACS100 lets you decide how much storage (up to 8TB) – and when you want to add it – to have via two rear-panel sliding trays that hold HDDs or SSDs. Like all of the company's devices, it also employs caching playback in which the library drive goes idle, reducing mechanical and electrical noise all the while reducing wear.

Capable of processing up to native DSD512, 32-bit/384kHz PCM, and up to 256 DoP, ACS100 invites you to experience digital in exemplary fidelity. A Super Capacitor-based uninterruptible power supply, TEAC CD-ROM drive for ripping, Intel N4200 Quad CPU, and four-inch color LCD panel are just a few of the high-end components that allow the 11-pound unit to excel in every facet. Connectivity in the form a USB 2.0 output for operation as server/streamer when paired with an external DAC; two USB 3.0 data ports for speedy data transfer; and a second rear-panel USB 2.0 output for usage as a hub or USB storage drive complement an isolated LAN port for direct connection to a router. You can also add an MQA Core Decoder via the Aurender app, permitting first-level MQA unfolding into non-MQA DACs.