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Bel Canto Ulink Asynchronous USB Converter


The Bel Canto uLink turns your computer into an ultra-low jitter digital audio source component, ensuring a quality digital audio stream beyond any previous digital source component.
• Dual Ultra-Low Phase Noise clocks
• Asynchronous USB 2.0 uLink core 500MHz DSP technology
• Converts USB computer sources to S/PDIF and high speed ST Glass Fiber
• Bit perfect playback at all rates from 16bit/44.1K to 24bit/192K
• Uses native drivers with Mac OSX 10.6 or later
• Windows 7 or XP requires driver download from
• System volume control is disabled
• Buss powered from USB input with LC filters and local power regulation
• Galvanic isolation between your computer source and audio system prevents computer
noise from entering the audio signal path
• Highest quality sound from all of your computer audio signals
• Quality BNC cable with RCA adapter connects with any S/PDIF input audio DAC
Operating Instructions:
Plug in your type B USB cable connector from the computer to the USB input on the uLink. The green LED will light indicating that it is powered. Your MAC computer or Windows system, with the driver installed, will automatically recognize the USB Link and identify it as ‘Bel Canto uLink Audio’. Plug the S/PDIF BNC output or ST Fiber output into your choice of cable and then plug into the appropriate input on your audio DAC. You are now ready to play music from your computer!
• Mac OS X Operating Note: For best performance you should use add-on software with iTunes. We recommend Audirvana Plus, Pure Music or Amarra for best sonic performance on the Mac platform.
• Windows XP or 7 Operating Note: We have found that JRiver Media Center in Wasapi event-mode provides the most reliable and high quality streaming on the PC.