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Benz Micro Ruby-Z or ZH Cartridge



The 4th generation of Benz Micro's Ruby series, this model has undergone years of refinement. Using Benz Micro's signature square ruby plate generator, the Ruby Z is able to extract minute textural details from the record groove due to the lightweight, non-ferrous nature of the ruby core. The Zebra wood body completes what is perhaps the most beautiful looking and sounding of Benz Micro's cartridge offerings.


• Output Voltage (3.54 Cm/sec): 0.7 mV
• Stylus Shape: Micro Ridge
• Stylus : 5 x 120µm
• Internal Ohms: 38
• Loading Range: >400 ohms
• Weight: 10.2 grams
• Compliance: 15cu
• Tracking: 1.8-2 grams