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Cardas Clear Sky X4 Speaker Cable (Pair)


Clear Sky X4 Speaker

A major upgrade from the original Sky, Sky X4 features two concentric Matched Propagation Conductors, and is more suitable for a wider range of speakers. And the new Sky X4 geometry allows for internal bi-wire. Clear Sky X4 brings serious performance to the most affordable end of the Clear cable line.

Clear Sky X4 uses CCMS R1 soldered spades, and is finished with Cardas logo shrink.

Technical Specifications:


.700" O.D., Cardas copper, PFA dielectric, 2 x 9.5 AWG concentric Clear Sky conductor, Matched Propagation, Golden section, litz, Alcryn jacket.

Termination Options:

1/4" (6mm), pure copper, rhodium/silver plated spades are standard. 9mm spades, and bananas also available.