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Cardas Crosslink Speaker Cable (Pair)


Crosslink is our least expensive cable. It is the only Cardas cable sold in bulk, and it can be terminated by a Cardas dealer. It is very flexible and light weight. Multi-gauge, Golden Section, Constant Q conductors are used. Crosslink has flame retardant EEA and cotton for the dielectric, with a PVC jacket, making it CL 2 rated. Crosslink is great for home theater, in-wall, automotive and small home audio systems.

Outside Diameter:    .365
Dielectric Type:    EEA and Cotton
Q Factor:    10.6
Inductance:    .11 uh/ft/loop
Capacitance:    55 pf/ft
Bi Wire Option:    Yes
Discrete Conductors:    108
Cable AWG:    10
Conductor Type:    Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield, O.F.C.