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DS Audio W2 Phono Cartridge


The DS W2 optical phono cartridge combines our revolutionary technology with the classic stylus/cantilever specification found on top high-end phono cartridges. The W2 features a Micro-Ridge stylus and solid boron rod cantilever precisely positioned within our newly developed wire-suspension system. The Nude Micro-Ridge stylus resembles the cutting head stylus and fits more precisely into the vinyl groove. 

The DS W2’s ultra low mass optical screen is placed on the boron cantilever near the Micro-Ridge stylus tip, providing a more accurate translation of the record groove modulation. The combination of stylus, cantilever, low moving mass, and sophisticated suspension enhances tracking to capture the very smallest musical details with better frequency reproduction, dynamics, stereo imaging, and resolution.



Signal Output Phono-electric Conversion
Output Signal Level > 500mV (at Equalizer output)
Channel Separation > 25dB
Tracking Force 1.6 ~ 1.8 grams (1.7grams is Recommended)
Cantilever Boron
Stylus Type Micro Ridge
Weight 8.1 grams
Body Material Aluminum
Warranty 1 year