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DS Audio ST-50 Stylus Cleaner


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The ST-50 Stylus cleaner is the elegant, effective and safe way to clean your stylus. Its low profile and flat shape lets you to clean your stylus at the tracking force set on your tonearm. This worry-free method avoids excessive deflection of your cartridge suspension or mishandling with brushes and fluids.

The two piece casing is machined from an aluminum block, polished then nickel-plated, and precision laser engraving. A leather cushion on the bottom allows you to safely place the ST-50 on your turntable platter or directly on the LP. 

Inside the DS Audio ST-50 is an urethane resin cleaning gel pad specially designed for atmospheric micro-dust control in clean rooms. When you safely lower your cartridge onto the ST-50, stylus contaminants are removed by this special cleaning gel pad.

The DS Audio ST-50 assures you the best stylus cleaning performance every time. The top of the ST-50 casing prevents atmospheric dust from settling on the pad when not in use. The urethane gel pad is washable and re-usable. Simply rinse it gently under tap water and let it dry for at room temperature. Its cleaning performance will be completely renewed.