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DS Audio Master1 Phono Cartridge


The flagship Master 1 optical cartridge uses our newly designed “Advanced Optical-mechanical” system. This  enables us to position our newly designed micro-optic sensor unit closer to the stylus, resulting in a much shorter optical path length. Together with its wire-suspended cantilever, the DS Master 1 provides the listener the ultimate in channel separation and sound quality. 

The Micro-ridge stylus has a minimum-curvature radius and is mounted to a sapphire cantilever. This super low mass generator which eschews magnets and coils and is free of ultra-sonic ringing lets the Master 1 reproduce every bit of musical information with stunning nuance and brilliant detail for flagship-level performance. 

During the development phase of the DS Master 1, no detail was overlooked. Every aspect of the design and parts were re-evaluated to ensure the highest rigidity possible in the cartridge. From its Ultra duralumin body, to its amethyst power indicator window, we have carefully selected each component to ensure that we have a built a phono cartridge of the highest quality.


Signal Output Phono-electric Conversion
Output Signal Level > 500mV (at Equalizer output)
Channel Separation > 25dB
Tracking Force 1.6g ~ 1.8 g(1.7g is Recommended)
Cantilever Sapphire
Stylus Type Sapphire
Weight 8.1 grams
Body Material Super Duralumin