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IsoAcoustics OREA Noise Isolation Feet


Eliminates parasitic vibrations, and providing greater sound clarity and focus. The OREA’s are ideal for electronic components including Amplifiers, DAC’s, CD Players, Speakers, and Turntables. Made of machined stainless steel, these isolators have a low-profile design to minimize any increase in height.

Each OREA model are designed for different weight capacities. They each have a coloured ring on the bottom isolator that denotes the model and weight capacity. The OREA series are packaged individually to allow greater flexibility when determining the number of units to use. We recommend a minimum of 3 units under each component, depending on weight.

The upper flange of the OREA’s are designed to provide a suction cup like effect and adhere to the underside of the component, while the lower flange adheres to the supporting surface. All the energy is managed within the core of the OREA’s, which are tuned to work within specific weight ranges. This results in greater sound clarity and a more open soundstage providing authentic, three-dimensional sound.

It is common to use 3 or 4 OREA isolators for each component or speaker, but keep in mind that it is most important to stay within the weight capacity of the OREA isolator.

The weight distribution of the component can also be considered. If for example the component is heaviest at the back, then it is common to use 3 isolators with 2 positioned at the back corners and 1 positioned front/center.

Using the same patented technology as the GAIA and Aperta series, the OREA achieves the highest degree of vibration isolation and energy management allowing new levels of sound clarity and openness when used with amplifiers, DAC’s, CD players, turntables and more.

The existing feet on an audio component may connect well and fit nicely around the perimeter of the OREA isolator. Alternatively, you may get better performance by either removing the feet entirely or placing the OREA’s beside the existing feet to have them connect directly to the chassis or base of the component.

• OREA Graphite: Dimensions: 1.6”x1.1”; Weight Cap: 4 pounds (1.8 KG) per isolator
• OREA Bronze: Dimensions: 2”x1.1”; Weight Cap: 8 pounds (3.6 KG) per isolator
• OREA Indigo: Dimensions: 2.3”x1.3”; Weight Cap: 16 pounds (7.2 KG) per isolator
• OREA Bordeaux: Dimensions: 2.6”x1.4”; Weight Cap: 32 pounds (14.4 KG) per isolator