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Pure Fidelity / Acoustic Signature TA-2000 Tonearm



The TA-2000 is a considerable advancement of the brilliant TA-1000.

Its inherent musicality excels in all the important areas. It has a timbre true mid band as well as an increase in bass resolution. Sound is delivered with a focused yet natural presentation through all frequencies . Like the TA-1000 it represents extreme value in its price class.


  • Larger and more rigid Bearing Housingmanufactured by SKF of Germany
  • Precision miniature bearings are precisely adjusted during production for minimum friction and greater stability
  • Precision Anti-Skating Mechanism as found on the TA-5000 and the TA-9000
  • Dual carbon arm tube for maximum stiffness and low resonance
  • OFC Copper internal wiring for cartridge tags to DIN connector
  • External tone arm cabling by Zavfino Phono 1877
  • Integral VTA adjustment collar
  • Integral Azimuth adjustment is integral