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Degritter - Degritter Record Cleaning Machine


Black and Grey mk2 in stock and ready to ship.  


The World's Most Versatile Record Cleaning Machine: Degritter Uses 120kHz Ultrasonic System and 300W Amplifier, Features Frequency Sweep, Active Filtering, Many Settings

Fill the water tank with distilled water, insert an LP, and hit start: That's all it takes to thoroughly wash and dry a record within minutes with the fully automatic Degritter ultrasonic record cleaning machine. Offering supreme versatility and simple one-click cleaning, the innovative device uses an in-house-designed 120kHz ultrasonic system to rid vinyl of filth, film, dust, and debris. In combination with a 300W ultrasonic amplifier, the bespoke bath also utilizes four ultrasonic transducers (two on each side) to cover your entire LP. Plus, Degritter is the world's only 120kHz cleaning machine with a frequency sweep feature

Proven effective via countless tests and results examined under digital and electron microscopes, Degritter comes with an active filtering solution that removes small particles and dirt from the water during the cleaning process. Amazingly, any dirt washed from the LP gets filtered out during the bath and won't end up back on your vinyl. Easy to maintain, the cylindrical steel-mesh filter – outfitted with replaceable open-cell foam – can be accessed from the side of the machine. Its exterior can even be washed for hassle-free upkeep. Relatedly, Degritter contains a control board connected to the sensors, actuators, and LCD. Any software updates can be made via an SD card slot that guarantees your machine is as up to speed as those shipping from the factory.

Indeed, when it comes to control and safety, Degritter stands alone. An unprecedented 20 different fan power settings give you complete command over drying-fan speed, power, and noise. High power equates to quicker drying; the inverse selection nets near-total quiet. The choice is yours. Degritter also includes an active monitoring system that warns about sensor malfunction, high water temperatures, water in the cleaning tank due to switch-off, missing water tank, insufficient water, and pump failures. As an extra safety net, software subroutines check the status of the sensors to prevent any unexpected failures due to sensor malfunction.

Engineered to handle 12-inch LPs by default, Degritter will also clean 7- and 10-inch records with the use of optional adapters that convert your smaller vinyl to 12 inches in diameter. Measuring 14.6 x 11 x 8.3 inches (HWD), it makes for an indispensable addition to any vinyl lover's collection – and will pay immeasurable, instant dividends. Be prepared to hear even your grubbiest and most contaminated LPs with new ears.

"Even after the machine's shortest clean, I am left with a shiny piece of vinyl that looks to be rejuvenated after removing years of dirt and grease from careless fingerprints while avoiding any moisture contamination on the record label itself. The disc looks so pristine, I play it immediately to hear the result and there's no doubt the sound is brighter and more focused, and there's a significant decrease in surface noise."
– Lee Dunkley, Hi-Fi Choice, Recommended and five-star review

"Based upon my experience using the Degritter on a daily basis for several months, I can say that this is a dependable and extremely convenient cleaning system that works exactly as advertised. Its ability to banish noise and thereby unearth greater dynamics and emotionally compelling details from my favorite recordings provided pleasures I can't do without. So, I bought the review unit and can honestly say that I am now one of those weirdoes who looks forward to cleaning records."
– Vance Hiner, The Audio Beat