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DS Audio E1 optical cartridge


DS Audio E1 optical cartridge is ordered from manufacturer upon request.



DS Audio’s E1 entry level optical cartridge, achieves a performance level well beyond expectation and price range. The sonic qualities and resolution far exceed what one normally associates with an elliptical stylus and aluminum cantilever. That's because it features the technological advances found in all DS optical cartridges. In terms of background noise level, transient speed, and tonal accuracy, the DS E1 is obviously ahead of conventional transducers at a similar or much higher price bracke




Signal Output Phono-electric Conversion
Output Signal Level > 500mV (at Equalizer output)
Channel Separation > 24dB
Tracking Force 1.6 ~ 1.8 grams (1.7 grams is recommended)
Cantilever Aluminum
Stylus Type Elliptical
Weight 8.1 grams
Body Material Aluminum
Warranty 1 year