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HRS E1X Isolation Base Series


Product Features

The E1X Isolation Base is a highly innovative design that eliminates noise revealing a new level of musical performance. It is manufactured from four different materials including a resonance control stage. The E1X Isolation Base is initially configured at HRS to optimize the performance of a specific component and can be changed in your home to optimize the performance of a different component at any time.

The E1X Isolation Base is designed with a billet-machined aluminum front trim, proprietary HRS constrained layer dampening plinth system, and very thick custom pressed resin fabric composite top and bottom plates. The top surface of the non-resonant high-density plinth also has a scratch-resistant coating applied to the outer surface to preserve finish integrity. The low profile (3-inch height) design also minimizes space requirements and keeps the visual focus of your system on the components you have selected.

The E1X Isolation Base is produced in many standard and custom sizes which are all available in a black or silver finish. All surfaces on the black finish are black. All surfaces on the silver finish are silver except right, left and rear edge which are always black.  Each size can be purchased with any of our different footer options to optimize performance for all different types of components.

The broadband noise reduction system in the E1X maximizes performance and is highly effective on a wide range of surfaces and structures. The low-profile compact design also minimizes space requirements. The E1X Isolation Bases integrate directly into the HRS Audio Stands.

The E1X Isolation Base custom sizes are manufactured with 9.5″, 15″, 19″, 21″, 23″ and 25″ width in any depth needed making it an ideal cost-effective option for large turntables and amplifiers.

  • Broadband noise reduction systems maximize performance
  • Highly effective on a wide range of surfaces and structures
  • Low-profile compact design minimizes space requirements
  • Standard and custom sizes ensure full system integration
  • Can be used on any existing surface
  • Integrates directly into HRS Audio Stands without modification
  • Easily modified to optimize performance for different component types


Every HRS Isolation Base model series can be set to either transfer and dissipate energy coming to and from the component or isolate the component from the supporting structure. Each HRS Isolation Base includes either our Broadband Isolation Feet (SF), our Extended Low Frequency Feet (LF), or our Bi-Directional Noise Reduction Feet (G7). The selection of the footer type is made to optimize the performance of each component. You can also adjust or change the footer type on each isolation base at any time to keep your system at peak performance. Please contact your local sales representative of HRS to make final footer selection to optimize performance of your system.

SF:  HRS Broadband Isolation Feet – Isolates components from below 20 Hz to above 40k Hz. Excellent starting point for tube amplifiers, tube pre-amplifiers, DAC’s, phono pre-amps, and many turntables.  Select proper component range from chart below. For large amplifiers and turntables, please contact HRS for custom settings.

LF:  HRS Low Frequency Feet – Isolates component from below 10 Hz to above 40k Hz. Use for non-suspended turntables and when subsonic content is present and presents a potential feedback issue with the system. Also used for custom applications where they provide additional sonic benefit. Custom setup required for each component.

G7:  HRS Bi-Directional Noise Reduction Feet –  Transfers and dissipates energy coming to and from the component. Used for solid-state power supplies, power conditioners, tape machines, vacuum pumps, solid-state amplifiers, and solid-state pre-amplifiers. These can also be used if you prefer to not deal with different load ranges or where the use of chassis noise reduction products is not desired or possible. The HRS G7 feet do not have any load limit and can be used for any component. 

Introducing the G-Link:  The G-Links act as an ideal interface between the HRS G7 Bi-Directional Noise Reduction Feet and any floor where you do not already have an HRS frame system.  The G-Link will ensure excellent coupling of the G7 equipped HRS Isolation Base to a carpeted surface or an uneven floor. 

E1X Isolation Base with G7 Feet and G-Links

“The E1X Isolation Base is for customers who want true HRS performance in a very cost-effective design configuration. The E1X uses the same noise reduction footer technology options found in our more expensive isolation base models combined with a proprietary HRS plinth construction. The E1X has the same constrained layer damping system originally developed for the E1 isolation base. The E1X has slightly more refined bass articulation and slightly improved midrange clarity compared to the E1 it replaces. The E series isolation bases continue to provide excellent performance and unique value for our customers.”

Product Specifications