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Gershman Black Swan 30th Speakers

A pair of speakers has to be
more than good. It has to be exceptional.
The Gershman Black Swans meet this
standard, not only to my ears but also to
those of some other very demanding
critics. What is really striking about the
Gershman Black Swans, therefore, is that
they proved to be as much of a "music
magnet" for my three cynics as they
were for me. Each quickly ended up
praising the Blacks Swans, and each
went back to listen to his or her own
music at length... perhaps the finest
compliment to any speaker that I can
think of."
"I found myself as caught up in the
Black Swans as they did and I have
biases of my own. Even in the best of
times I don't get involve in a speaker
all that easily."
"The Black Swan truly is an excep-
tonal path to enjoy-ing music...It
gets the best out of all recordings."
"One key indication is its ability to
accurately reproduce Bach, Vivaldi,
and Teleman played with period
instruments. When I listen to
recorded music, I want a speaker
that gets as close to what I hear
from live music as possible, and
with a wide range of recordings."
(The Absolute Sound / January 2007)
-The Cutting Edge - Anthony H. Cordesman
Frequency Response: 18Hz-24kHz
Sensitivity: 88dB @ 1w/im
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms
Height: 48 inches