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Gershman Grande Avant Garde Speakers


Grande Avant Garde 

From the company who brought you the legendary speaker Avant Garde, Gershman Acoustics is proud to present the Grand Avant Garde. Gershman's goal when designing the Grande Avant Garde was to create 

a speaker which maintained all the main attributes that rendered the success of the Avant Garde for the past 20 years. *Small footprint *Slick, stylish look *Deep, powerful, yet well defined bass *Musicality *Incredible imaging The new design had to deliver an even deeper, faster, more tuneful bass, sweeter and more detailed high frequency and larger, deeper and more precise 3D imaging and soundstage 

To boldly go above and beyond any other speakers outside the Gershman Acoustics line! Boy, have we achieved it! It is relatively easier to produce deep bass by building a large speaker enclosure which has a large volume, but the large enclosure can be visually obtrusive in many rooms. Since our goal was to maintain the small, slick and none visually invasive 

enclosure yet, to design a speaker which deliver a powerful, deep bass we had to come up with a brilliant, revolutionary design and 

new technologies

For the past few years, the designers at Gershman Acoustics, were hard at work, innovating, engineering and testing 

new concepts. The result was Gershman Acoustics proprietary BCT- Backwave Control Technology

Engeneered and used only by Gershman Acoustics. The BCT - Backwave Control Technology was developed to act as a Backwave base trap. In Most speakers design the challenge is to control the backwave whic

travels back through the cone of the woofer resulting in a muddy sound 

and uncontrolled bass. When designing the Avant Garde R1, the Gershman Acoustics proprietary "Regulation line" was implemented 

to address and control the Bakwave phenomenon. When designing the Grande Avant Garde, the designers went further and added the 

BCT Technology, which works in combination with the 

Regulation Line and produces the most accurate emotional and realistic music reproduction

Hand Crafted in Canad

Specification Frequency response 22Hz-20kH


89 dB Recommended power 40-200watts 

Nominal impedance 6 Ohms Shipping weight 87lb each