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Gershman Posh Speakers

The new Posh speaker from Gershman Acoustics
As the name indicate, it is a posh -THE BEST SPEAKER MONEY CAN BUY!
Every aspect of this speaker has been designed to provide the best sound and quality.
Using 1" inch HDF wood to build a massive enclosure, to rounding and tapering the back of the enclosure
In addition to that massive build, a ¼ "stainless steel panels in order to further strengthen and deaden the
The Cross-over is constructed with point to point silver soldering. Using the best, top of Ith line Mundorf
MCapR SUPREME Classic Silver-Gold. Oil is definitely the top-of-the line model of the oil impregnated
capacitors. These capacitors feature a further extended lifetime. More importantly, sonically the
SilverGold.Oil version stands out due to its wonderful natural singing and exceptional micro dynamic,
incorporating the Resist SUPREME resistors features acoustic neutrality and music reproduction close to
reality. This is due to a special manually applied fire-resistant casting compound which optimally fixes and
stabilizes the resistor winding thus protecting it against micro phony effects. In order to maintain high sound
quality even at high load.
The detailed reveling, yet sweet and none fatiguing high frequencies are produce by top of the line Morel.
dome tweeter.
6,84F +2% 1511
690 VAC. 1000 UDG
Accuton Cell 5" Ceramic Midrange Full featured Cell concept
Furutech internal and exterior (connecting the tweeter and midrange to the woofers) wiring with gold plated
Two -8" Aluminum Alloy double magnet woofers (Gershman's design) Feature aluminum cone on this driver
is extremely rigid yet well damped, making the bass and mid-bass region very clean and low in distortion and able
to produce a clean and tight bass response down to 19Hz.
For best speaker cable connection, the Posh design incorporates top of the line, gold plated Mundorf binding
posts through-out its design.
We all know that loudspeaker enclosures are often responsible for coloration and Eli Gershman
was well aware of this when he designed his very first model--the Gap. Since then, all Gershman enclosures have been shaped to minimize standing waves and the resulting resonance problems. Few
loudspeaker designs can claim absolute damping of vibrations and resonances, though there are some
that manage to reduce unwanted effects to some extent. Based on the Black Swans modle, The Posh loudspeakers are constructed
with a totally new approach incorporating two entirely separate enclosures
placed one above the other in such a manner that the blend seamlesslv into one. Each loudspeaker has a
double woofer enclosure placed on a very impressively custom designed Tip toes, and an A-shaped enclosure
suspended above it by two Solid Steel structures, one on each side to suspend and completely separate
the midrange and tweeter enclosure. layered extensions, held in place with another set of metal cones. When
placed appropriately, the loudspeaker looks complete as one cabinet.
Each loudspeaker is finished on all sides in high-gloss lacquer--a piano finish--and can't be missed
even by casual observers.
The loudspeakers' standard finish is black, but they can be ordered in any color