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Gershman Studio II Speakers




Extensively vented motor is designed in order to eliminate compression and to allow quiet excursio

Extra thick black electroplated aluminum cone 

* Ultra-low distortion
* Multiple layer voice coil for high power handling
* Optimized parameters


*High performance 1" coated silk dome tweeter
* Ferrofluid cooling
* Linear response faceplate
* Braided tinsel leads
* Double chamber
* Lower resonance, extends past 30 kHz


* Hand built
* Point to point soldering
* High-quality capacitors,
* Custom Design 99% oxygen-free wire


* Handcrafted,
Made of the highest quality,1"- 3/4" High-Density Board
*Hand polished
* Meticulous, multi-layers lacquer finish

Binding Post

* Tightening knob's free-spinning metal ferrule facilitates a secure connection
* Low resonance Binding Post Plate
* Anodized

Sensitivity                                      87 dB

Impedance                                    6 Ohms

Weight                                           27 lb

Height                                            17 "

Weidth                                           10"

Depth                                             14"