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The HANA-Umami Blue high-end moving coil cartridge from Excel Sound’s Master cartridge designer Maseo Okada-san uses special materials, classic Japanese techniques, and modern audio engineering.
The HANA-Umami Blue cartridge follows in the Hana “Brilliant and Gorgeous” tradition of providing the listener with sublime enjoyment. Embodying the true sense of synergy, the HANA-Umami Blue combines the essential ingredients of the HANA-Umami Red with the ALNICO based generator of the HANA ML.
The HANA-Umami Blue incorporates the AuricleTM body design, unique and exclusive to our Umami series. CNC machined from Duraluminum, it uses a special Melamine Thermosetting Process (MTP), enameling the body with a brilliant blue glossy finish. Sharing other key Umami Red ingredients, including the precision-cut Microline diamond stylus, Boron cantilever, and high-purity copper wires, the Umami Blue synergizes these specialized parts with the ALNICO magnet-based generator used in the Hana ML.

• “Auricle” open-air body design machined from Duraluminum A7075 • MTP enameled finish with POM inlay
• Microline stylus with Boron cantilever
• ALNICO (aluminum / nickel / copper) magnet
• Cross-coil core with high purity copper coils
• 8Ω Coil impedance with .4mV output
• Cryogenic treatment of key generator parts and output pins

Umami Blue Moving Coil Cartridge Specification (230101) (*)
Body Material Duralumin (A7075)
Finish Melamine Thermosetting Process (MTP)
Cantilever Assy Cantilever Boron
Stylus Microline Nude Diamond
Magnetic Circuit Armature material Permalloy
Amature Shape Cross Plate
Parts material Pure Iron
Magnet Alnico (Al-Ni-Co)
Output Pins 24K Gold Plated
Coil Coil impedance
Output 0.4mV
Coil Wire Material High Purity Copper
Load impedance >80Ω
Treatment Cryogenic Front York,Rear Yoke,Pole Piece,Terminal Pins
Specification Frequency Response 15-50,000Hz
Output Balance 0.5dB/1KHz
Channel Separation 30dB/1KHz
Tracking Weight 2g
Trackability 70μm/2gr
Dynamic Compliance 10x10(-6)cm/dyne(10Hz)
Estimated at 17x10(-6)cm/dyne at 10Hz
Cartridge Weight 10.8g