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Hifirose RS130 Streamer

Both Colors in stock  

Introducing the HiFi Rose RS130 Ultimate Network Streamer - Your Gateway to Flawless Network Audio. We're excited to announce the launch of this innovative new piece from HiFi Rose which comes packed with amazing features;
  • Digitally connect to any external DAC
  • Built-in SSD for music caching, stable playback
  • Block excess digital noise with Fiber Optic Ethernet and USB
  • High-precision OCXO clock for accurate output
  • Supports external master clock input
  • Linear power supply with high-capacity supercapacitor
  • Available in Black or Silver finishes

The "Ultimate" Network Transport: HiFi Rose RS130 Streamer Supports Fiber-Optic Ethernet and USB Transmission, Inherently Blocks Noise, Features Premium Components and Functionality

There’s good reason why HiFi Rose brands the Roon-ready RS130 an “ultimate” network transport. Designed to be connected to an external DAC, this flagship streamer completely blocks digital noise — critical for high-res operations — by way of supporting fiber-optic Ethernet and fiber-optic USB transmission. Both approaches block distortion and interference, transmit and receive clean signals, and preserve data integrity thanks to their innate resistance to electromagnetic interference. In RS130, these methods work in cooperation with a reference-grade OCXO clock that lends incredible stability, accuracy, and precision. The end result: Full frequency responsiveness, magnificent tonal contrast, three-dimensional imaging, and massive dynamics from MQA, up to native DSD512 and 32-bit/768kHz PCM, and nearly every other codec imaginable.

Inside the sturdy vibration-resistant and heat-dissipating aluminum chassis — note the ventilation hole in the center of the top panel — RS130 packs a linear power supply with super-capacitors that reduce noise to battery-like levels. CPU functionality owes to dual-core Cortex-A72 and quad-core Cortex-A53 processors with a separate NEON coprocessor. A dedicated NVMe 256GB SSD for built-in cache functionality, complete with low latency and 4GB of memory, is also on board. The proven HiFi Rose OS operating system and the company’s signature audio architecture further put RS130 on a pedestal in terms of transparency, clarity, logistics, and enjoyability. 

You’ll also get intelligent connectivity courtesy of a host of outputs — coaxial, AES/EBU, optical, HDMI, and IS2 included. They’re on the back panel with Ethernet (copper or fiber), USB3.0 Fiber, USB3.0, and USB-DAC connections. A pair of EXT clock inputs (50Ω and 75Ω) invites you to connect a master clock, with the goal of minimizing timing errors that occur between signal transmissions. Built-in support for TIDAL, Qobuz, Apple Music, Spotify, Rose Ready, and other services — in addition to Airplay, DLNA, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity — also comes standard. Ditto a remote control, Rose app access, and OTA update capability.

Of course, the exterior and huge 15.4-inch high-res LCD display that can show album art and HD videos adheres to the visual hallmarks that have helped distinguish HiFi Rose from the competition since it arrived on the high-end scene. This full-size multi-touch bonus is just another way RS130 lures you to engage in long, uninterrupted listening sessions — and rediscover classics and explore new favorites — that provide a complete, or shall we say “ultimate,” musical experience

MSRP: $5,195 - Shipping August!