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Lehmann Audio Decade Phono Stage


Black Cube Decade

The Black Cube Decade is the current top model of the Black Cube series of phono stages. It was developed to fill the large performance gap between the company's own Black Cube SE and the Silver Cube (Lehmannsaudio's current reference phono stage).

Audio Section:

    * The input stages used in the Black Cube Decade can also be found in professional mixing consoles and microphone preamps.
    * The passive filter network between the two linear gain stages use precision MKP caps.
    * Adjustable resistor and capacitive load options are available.
    * Adjustable gain (36dB - 66dB) and soft bass roll off - located on the front faceplate.
    * Onboard slot for a custom impedance load.
    * Zero "global" feedback Class A output stage.
    * High quality printed circuit board features mounted RCA connectors for optimal signal routing.
    * Neutrik XLR connector with gold plated contacts for its power supply connection.
    * Anodized aluminum faceplate: black or silver.

Power Supply:

    * Power supply outlets for two audio devices.
    * 30W toroidal transformer is included for the sonic performance achieved with the Black Cube Decade, and it sports a grounded isolation coil between the primary and secondary coil.
    * Neutrik connectors, with gold plated contacts, are used in the power supply connection.
    * Features a high quality double-sided printed circuit board - for optimal signal routing.
    * Anodized aluminum faceplate: black or silver. 

Because of the small outer dimensions, the Black Cube SE II audio section can be placed next to the turntable. This minimizes loss due to cable length.

Lehmannaudio always pays special attention to details: the cable between power supply and audio section is shielded and ensures flexible placement of audio section and PWX power supply. The cases of both th power supply and the audio section are made of non-magnetic aluminum; additionally equipped with a top cover coated with a special anti-resonance treatment for better suppression of microphonic effects.

A brand new feature that is built into the Black Cube SE II is the entirely passive bass filter, that is a great help when tayloring the lower corner frequency of the vinyl reproduction to personal needs. 16 different filter curves can be realized.

Outwardly our new Lehmannaudio champions league headphone amplifier stands out above all by a wealth of variants: the housing versions of the Linear SE, created by product designer Guido Gutenstein, range from satin mat aluminium with a distinguished aspect to high-class real wood veneers. Other versions with a fully chrome-plated housing and a hand-polished high-gloss lacquer finish will also be available soon.

The different housing and front panel versions may be combined individually. Together with the freely selectable LED colours and the SSC feet in black or silver there will be hundreds of design options to match your personal taste or your existing hi-fi devices.