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Magnepan 30.7 Speakers


Magnepan 30.7 Speakers - (Wood) Natural / Off-white is ordered from manufacturer upon request.


ordered on request-  please contact us for wait time.


The Magnepan 30.7 is a four-panel (two panels per side), line-source, ribbon/quasi-ribbon loudspeaker system.  A stereo pair is completely separate.  Unlike previous big Maggies, the 30.7s are four-way (first-order crossovers) loudspeakers, with a quasi-ribbon low-bass and a “transitional” quasi-ribbon upper-bass/lower-midrange planar driver in the larger of the two panels.  The quasi-ribbon midrange and the true ribbon tweeter are housed in the second panel which is the smaller of the pair.

2018 Editors’ Choice, The Absolute Sound, March 2018

“Magnepan MG30.7

This giant, four-panel (two panels per side), four-way, ribbon/quasi-ribbon line source loudspeaker from Magnepan is the best Maggie JV has heard, which is tantamount to saying it is the best planar JV has ever heard (and right up there with the best six-figure dynamics JV has heard). With its highly coherent wave-launch, free standing imaging, vast soundstage, phenomenal resolution of inner detail, lightning transient response, incomparable naturalness of timbre, and total lack of box coloration and diffraction, the 30.7 is markedly less “there” as a sound source (and markedly more lifelike on voice and acoustic instruments) than almost every dynamic-speaker-in-a-box, no matter its price.

The best buy in an ultra-high-end loudspeaker (and one of the best high-end buys of all time), the 30.7 earned JV’s highest, most ecstatic recommendation and TAS’ 2017 Overall Product of the Year award. If you have sufficient room, amplifier, and permission from your spouse—and don’t listen to a steady diet of heavy metal—you cannot do better.


The 30.7 requires a big sound room???

We have seen the comments in the chat rooms that the 30.7s require a big room. Really???

The ideal line source would be like a narrow pole—very narrow and from floor-to-ceiling (with no mass). With real-world materials, Maggies aspire to this ideal.

Imagine if we repacked the 30.7 tweeter/midrange in a 10 inch-wide panel and sold it with small dynamic woofers (that could be hidden). Such a hybrid would have all the problems that have plagued all hybrids, but there is no acoustical reason it would not work in a small room (the only issue would be aesthetics.)

However, the bass panels of all Maggies are big. The 30.7 bass panel is huge. And, yes, there is a acoustical problem with putting a big woofer in a small room—excessive midbass (deep bass is seldom a problem). We have solved the problem of excessive midbass. The 30.7 has adjustable midbass control (in addtion to mid and high frequency adjustments).

These photos below were taken from the 30.7 North American tour. The photo below is a 14 x 17 foot sound room of University Audio in Madison, Wisconsin. As you can see, the room could use some diffusers on the front wall, but the sound was amazing and the bass/midbass was very linear—ask Ben or Steve at University Audio.

Update from the 30.7 tour– The tour is ahead of schedule. The tour of the northeast USA and northeast Canada remains. We have done a total of 42 demonstrations to date. How do the 30.7s sound in 42 different rooms? Well………..very different. It should be no surprise that the room is an important part of the system. (A hint to audiophiles considering 30.7– invest in diffusers.)

If you can handle the aesthetic issues of big panels, there is no acoustical reason you can not have a 30.7 in a small room.

Trim options-
(Wood) Natural or black solid oak, dark cherry.
(Aluminum) Silver, black.

Fabric options-
Off-white, black, Cherry White and dark grey.