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Magneplanar MMG C Center Channel


Magneplanar MMG C Center Channel - Black Wood / Black is ordered from manufacturer upon request.

The MMG C is a center channel addition to our 60-day, money-back guarantee MMG program. The Magneplanar MMG C employs a horizontal, curved planar tweeter/midrange. No dynamic woofers are employed. When used with the appropriate bass management system or bass augmentation, full-range Magneplanar performance can be achieved for the most critical part of your home theater system. In soundstage.com, John Potis writes, ..."The Magneplanar system is HDTV's sonic equivalent. What it does is highlight previously unnoticed ambient details that draw you into the experience to a whole new level"... "the level of detail I gleaned from the center-channel speaker was startling and revelatory."

Getting the most from your Maggie home theater

The system design and setup of a home theater system is more complicated than a 2-channel, music system. The level of expertise in getting the center channel done right is crucial since the center channel speaker does approximately 60% of the "heavy lifting" for movies. But, the task is often complicated by the available space, or lack of space, for the center channel speaker.

If there is any area where customers need assistance, it is help in getting the best center channel performance. Rooms and installations vary greatly which makes it impractical to give a simple set of guidelines or instructions. Call our 800 number and we will be happy to discuss your specific installation requirements.


Description Planar Magnetic
Freq. Resp. 100 Hz- 16 kHz ± 3 db
Recom. Power See FAQ
Sensitivity 88 db 2.83 volts
Impedance 5 ohms
Dimensions 36x9x5.5 inches