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Mcintosh XR200 Speakers -used


Manufacturer packaging included. Tri-wire 1.5m speaker cables can be purchased for an additional $1100 otherwise the speakers can be used with standard cables with the included jumpers.

Manufacturers statement (Standing in at 51 inches tall, the McIntosh XR-200 are a sight to behold, finished in a stunning Piano Black High Gloss, its cabinet oozes a sense of class with its outstanding fit and finish that only the craftspeople at McIntosh could provide. But its beauty is not just skin deep; behind the grill are some outstanding and serious engineering. Let's take a look what's happening here!
The McIntosh XR-200 is a sophisticated, and well-designed three-way loudspeaker system, that combines the outstanding imaging characteristics of a point source speaker design, with the seemingly limitless dynamics normally associated with a line source loudspeaker.
An ultra-sophisticated 19 element midrange/tweeter array, (a propriety McIntosh design with decades of multiple driver experience), offers extraordinary clarity, precise localization, and depth. When we first played Alison Kraus "New Favorite", it sent shivers down our spine, it sounded like she was right there playing just for us!
The three eight inch woofer drivers utilize their LD/HP (Low-Distortion-High Performance) patented design with a massive 12 pound magnet structure delivers an incredibly fast, deep, and articulate bass response with bone crushing SPL's that will have you thinking that you have a subwoofer connected to the loudspeakers!
Dream speakers for a two channel audio system, or assembling a state of the art Home Theater, the McIntosh XR-200 Loudspeakers will give any true lover of music an opportunity to experience a pure, rich sound that faithfully mirrors every nuance and subtlety of your favorite recordings! Come on in to the Stereo Shop and listen for yourself, you'll be glad that you did!

Specifications for
McIntosh XR-200 Loudspeaker
Dimensions Height, 51.8in, X Width, 11.0in, X Depth, 11.5in
Freq range 20Hz-45kHz
Sensitivity 86dB spl (2.83v, 1m)
Drive Units 7-3/4 inch Titanium Dome Tweeters
12 Titanium Dome Midranges 2 inch
3 Long Throw LD/HP Woofers 8 inch
Power Handling 600 Watts of power into unclipped program.
Net Weight 113lbs