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Modwright KWA 150 'Signature Edition' Amplifier


The KWA 150 provides the strengths of both tube and solid state products: 3-D sound-staging, holographic imaging, and a beautiful midrange of tubes, combined with sparkling highs, low distortion, bass resolution, and control of solid state.

The heart of the KWA 150 Amplifier is a single voltage gain stage called the Solid State Music Stage. The circuit was developed by Alan Kimmel, creator of the exceptional vacuum tube Mu stage.

Features include: high-low bias switch, stereo/bridge-mono switch and true balanced floating inputs, accepting balanced and unbalanced inputs. The design incorporates a regulated power supply for the input stage, Cardas best connectors and oversized heat sinks. The first watts operate in pure Class A.

The KWA 150 uses no global feedback, is direct-coupled, fully differential, dual-mono, bridgeable, and designed and built in the USA.

Black option also available.

We have taken the KWA 150 and applied nearly two years of additional R&D and further thought into how to FURTHER improve upon the award-winning KWA 150.


Technical Specs

  • Power Ratings:
    150W 8 ohms (Stereo) 450W 8 ohms (Bridge Mono)
    250W 4 ohms (Stereo) 650W 4 ohms (Bridge Mono)
    Bandwidth: 10Hz – 100Khz (+0, -1dB)
    Noise Floor: -100dB.
    Channel Separation: -75dB below 20Khz.
    Gain: 26dB.
    Input Impedance: Min. 15K at 50Hz; 23K at 1Khz.
    Dimensions: 17“W x 17“D x 8.5“H
    Shipped Weight: 76 lbs (84 lbs. shipped)