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Modwright KWA 99 Power Monoblock Amplifiers

KWA 99 Power Monoblock Amplifiers - New Monoblock MOSFET power amps, biased into Class A-A/B. High Class A bias, but not pure Class A.

Priced as a pair 
Compact form factor: 10.5”W x 6.5”H x 16”D 
        (Depth include 1" binding posts.)
Power: 100W @ 8 ohms, 200W @ 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 150Khz (+0, -1dB)
Noise Floor: -90dB (Unweighted)
Gain: 26dB
Input Impedance: 47K
THD: < .05%
Inputs:  One RCA; One XLR.  RCA and XLR inputs are transformer coupled to input stage with floated ground. 
Outputs/Speaker Connection: Positive (+)  Red, and Negative (-) Black 5-way binding posts. Not bridged.
Internal Led On/Off Switch: Disables internal LED’s.
VU Dimmer Knob: Adjusts brightness of VU meter, to zero brightness.
12V Trigger: External 12V input power on/off trigger.
Product Weight: 30 lbs
Shipped Weight: 35 lbs

Dan's Design Basis:
I saw demand for a 100W MOSFET amp, biased as much into Class A as possible, for best sound. I opted against Pure Class A due to inefficiency and room heating heat rejection.  Mono blocks were chosen in keeping with the compact footprint common to the '9' series of products, including the PH 9.0/X/T, Analog Bridge and LS 99 preamp. I felt efficient use of space to be a critical factor in todays world. Chassis and aesthetics are clean and elegant but simple, reducing cost, allowing us to focus on component quality and design for best sonics. Lastly, amber illuminated power VU meters were chosen for a vintage tone aesthetic that I believe embodies the design concept.