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Oracle Audio Delphi MkVI Reference


Oracle Audio Delphi MkVI Reference - None is ordered from manufacturer upon request.

The Delphi MkVI always comes equiped with a pre-cut tonearm board to accommodate almost any 9 or 10 inches tonearms available. Please Check out our Tonearms here. 



The Delphi MkVI Reference is equipped with our new MkVI Reference granite base. This new granite base is thicker and heavier than any other previous granite base that Oracle ever offered. With its weight reaching just a little over 40 pounds the Delphi finds itself better anchored to its environment and this translates into a significant sonic performance increase! The whole spectrum of the music becomes more detailed and the imaging gains in perspective and clarity. The low frequency range of the music gains a lot from this upgrade; there is more authority and volume to the bass which results in an overall better tonal balance. Those who experienced the Reference granite base have described the change as amazing and astonishing!

For more information about the Delphi turntable please visit the Delphi MkVI Classic product page

Delphi MkVI turntable with Reference granite base and Turbo MkII power supply