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Oracle Audio Ph100 mkIII Phono Pre-Amplifier


Oracle Audio Ph100 mkIII Phono Pre-Amplifier - Textured Black is ordered from manufacturer upon request.

Natural reproduction of recorded music is not only an elegant way to describe our products; it is a feeling that captures your full attention! Oracle Audio products are always designed and crafted making sure that the end result is music being played, the real music, the one that transport you and makes you shiver!


          Our goal with the Paris series is to answer a historical demand from the public for more accessible, high quality components from Oracle Audio. The efforts that went into the conception of the Paris PH100 were driven by the will to answer this demand with a phono stage that provides a superior stereo image, one that is wide and also has depth, while assuring the integrity of the harmonic structure of the sound being played and providing a silent enough background for the musical notes to explode as they should!


           The Paris PH100 is a versatile phono stage that can accommodate usage of any moving magnet or moving coil phono cartridges.  Indeed the PH 100 offers variable moving coil cartridge input impedance settings and variable gain using different jumper configurations. The resistive charge and gain setting values can be found in the technical specification page of the PH100.


            Available in black or grey with a low gloss satin finish the PH100 carries the distinctive design of the Paris series as it uses the same wooden frame as its counterpart PH200. The Paris PH100 also uses the same analog modules and RIAA circuitry as the PH200 but distinguishes itself from it by using an internal power supply unit. Enormous care went into this power supply circuit as it is in big part responsible for the PH100’s performance and musicality. The new Paris PH100 will bring you to a re-discovery of your record collection and will deliver countless hours of enjoyable and satisfying musical experience!

Frequency response:                                                 20Hz - 20KHz @ +/- 1dB


Total Harmonic Distortion:                                     0,05% @ 20Hz – 20kHz


Moving Coil (MC) input impedence:                     100, 200, 511, 1k, 1.5K and 47k Ohms


Moving Magnet (MM) input impedence:             47k Omhs


Input capacitance (MM)                                           150pF


Input sensitivity:                                                        0,2mV and up


Gain (MC):                                                                   41.5db, 52db, 62db


Gain (MM):                                                                  must be set at 41.5 @ 47k Omhs                                                             


Signal to noise ratio:                                                  > -80dB


Dimensions:                                                                 9.5  x 12.25 x 2.25 inchs