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REL Airship Wireless System


REL Airship Wireless System is ordered from manufacturer upon request.


Designed for S/510 and S/812. Compatible with G1 MK II.

Airship™ is REL's newest state-of-the-art zero-compression wireless connection for use with the latest Serie S and many more RELs to come. The goal with this design is to wirelessly deliver a hardwired quality connection.

AirShip can also be used for high or low level and .1/LFE wireless connections for subwoofers from other manufacturers.

Note: Only the S/510 and S/812 are designed to have the receiver bolt onto the back amp panel.

Airship surpasses any earlier design using a 5.8 gigahertz signal, a frequency previously reserved for military use by the US military and NATO. It results in the fastest, most transparent wireless the design team has ever experienced and verges on hardwired transparency level.

Airship permits simultaneous use of the new 5.8 gig connection for both HIGH-LEVEL connection AND the .1/LFE needed for high-quality theater. In this way, both 2-channel music and multi-channel theater are supported simultaneously, meaning you can use your REL for any form of music or theater without adjusting anything further.

Pairing is really quick and easy. Just plug both units in within a few seconds of each other, push a button and the Airship seeks out its mating receiver and pairs with it. Standard time to pair is less than 5 seconds.