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Silent Running Audio (SRA) Ohio-Class XL+2 Isolation Base

Call or email for quote as this is a custom product

The Ohio-Class XL+² isoBASE™ sits at the top of our Ohio-Class series of products. An all-out assault on vibration’s ill effects, these cost-no-object platforms make full use of our cutting-edge Component Specific Design™ technology.
In creating an Ohio-Class XL+² isoBASE, we incorporate a wide range of proprietary techniques, state-of-the-art materials, and a revolutionary modeling system. Each component-specific Ohio-Class XL+² isoBASE is a custom-made product. Of course we utilize component-specific information, but we also pay close attention to room specifics and the role that psycho-acoustics plays in the listening experience. Simply put, an Ohio-Class XL+² isoBASEaddresses what can and cannot be heard.
At the heart of an Ohio-Class XL+² isoBASE is our enormously complex Raft Isolation System™. Dynamic by design, the Raft Isolation System has the ability to change its isolation properties as required—a remarkable (and proprietary) feature comprising a series of complicated thermal reactions. This ability to instantly change in order to optimize component performance is utterly unique and makes the Ohio-Class XL+² isoBASE a significant addition to your sound system. Welcome to sonic truth. Welcome to Ohio-Class XL+².