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Silent Running Audio (SRA) Ohio-Class XL IsoBase

Call or email for quote as this is a custom product

he Ohio-Class XL isoBASE™ is the product that started it all for us here at Silent Running Audio. It is largely responsible for the reputation we enjoy today.
Our design goal for the Ohio-Class XL isoBASE was simply this: build it as if it’s going to war—inside a nuclear submarine—where performance, quality and durability are absolutely critical.
Mission accomplished.
Each and every Ohio-Class XL isoBASE we build utilizes our Component Specific Design™ technology. This guarantees that the component it supports will reach its maximum performance level, unhindered by the ill-effects of vibration, for life.
The Ohio-Class XL isoBASE is the product of 30 years of research into the field of vibration control and abatement.  The data gleaned from this research led to creation of several cutting-edge technologies, raw materials and advanced test methods.
The design process itself relies heavily upon Finite Element Analysis.  This enables us to model the interaction of concept and materials before construction even begins.
All of this—from concept through construction—is brought together within the framework of our Component Specific Designtechnology. It is this comprehensive multidisciplinary approach combined with our obsessive attention to detail that earns the Ohio-Class XL its place in the most discriminating of high-end systems. Your potential is our passion. Welcome to sonic truth. Welcome to Ohio-Class XL.