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Silent Running Audio (SRA) Ohio-Class XL+ Isolation Base

Call or email for quote as this is a custom product

With all the accolades and awards we’ve received for the Ohio-Class XL isoBASE™, you’d think we’d be satisfied. But that’s just not who we are at Silent Running Audio.
At Silent Running Audio, we pursue a curious company-wide passion: improving on what is already considered the state-of-the-art.
The result of this passion is the Ohio-Class XL+ isoBASE™—a product designed to take the considerable strengths of the original Ohio-Class XL isoBASE and build upon them in several ways. Some subtle.  Some substantial.  All meaningful.
Everything that goes into crafting an Ohio-Class XL+ isoBASE  is brought together within the framework of our Component Specific Design™ technology. Every material.  Every part.  Every interaction between the two right down to the molecular level. Of course this is how we design our Ohio-Class XL products too.  So what sets them apart?
Starting on the outside, the housing materials in the Ohio-Class XL+ are both stronger and more inert.
Inside each isoBASE is our proprietary Raft Isolation System.™ It’s a dynamic system that can change its isolation properties through a series of complicated thermal reactions. While it’s enormously complex, its benefits are simple: the faster it reacts, the better it isolates.  The Ohio-Class XL+ has a performance advantage in this regard too.
More silence truly is more golden. Welcome to sonic truth. Welcome to Ohio-Class XL+.