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Silent Running Audio (SRA) VR Series IsoBase

Call or email for quote as this is a custom product

The success of our Ohio-Seriesline of isoBASE products inspired us to produce a world-class component-specific product at a much lower price point. Four long years of R&D culminated in the release of our VR-Series isoBASE™.
The VR-Series isoBASE introduces our Component Specific Design™ technology and delivers it with off-the-shelf pricing. As a result, it has quickly become a best seller for us at Silent Running Audio.
Admittedly, we had an unfair advantage going into the VR-Seriesproject: we could borrow extensively from the proven technologies of our Ohio-Class XL™ and Ohio-Class XL+™ lines. So naturally that’s what we did.  Starting with our core technology—Component Specific Design—that ensures each VR-Series isoBASE  is synergistically matched to the exact component it will support.
Our extended VR-Series isoBASE R&D efforts also resulted in several ground-breaking design advancements. These involve our use of materials, application of functional coatings and optimal assembly processes. All of which were critical in the unique implementation of our revolutionary and highly reactive Flex Raft Isolation™ system.
This system is based on a hybrid technology which employs both Dynamic-ONE™ and Set-Static Isolation™ elements in tandem. The combination of these two elements enables the VR-Series isoBASE to modify its isolation potential within parameters pre-set during the manufacturing process. So no matter what happens in the surrounding environment, any component sitting on the VR-Series isoBASE will be blithely immune to it. This ability makes it an invaluable addition to any audiophile system. Welcome to sonic truth. Welcome to VR-Series.