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Timbre Audio Argentum Speaker Cables


Timbre Audio Argentum Speaker Cables - 2m / Spade / Spade is ordered from manufacturer upon request.

Speaker Cable - pair

Standard build and delivery time typically 1 week

Solid Silver Solid Core fully bespoke and carefully handmade layer by layer. The Timbre Audio silver cables represent the culmination of years of research, experimentation with materials, geometries, and construction.

Each individual signal conductor is individually shielded within the specialized shielding geometry.  Utilizing only the best materials throughout, Timbre Audio even utilizes a solid silver shielding on both single ended and balanced designs. Utilizing an air core dialectic design Timbre Audio succeeded in creating a vanishingly low internal impedance.  Maintaining a “ultra low” dielectric constant of every single material layer. That has always been a foundational design principle of Timbre Audio silver cables.