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TUI Record Browser


Priced per unit - ordered by request 

Hand made in New Zealand’s Hawkes Bay wine country in the north island, the TUI Record Browser is a solid and stylish way to display and browse your records. Made of eco-friendly bamboo and hand-constructed by Soul to Sole Audio’s company founder Stephen Seque, the TUI browser allows you to store and easily access between 80 and 100 records. TUI browsers come in a flat pack and go together as easily as anything you’d buy from a Swedish furniture giant. They are modular, and can be connected together to increase capacity. Heavy duty construction and quality materials combine for a strong and attractive piece of hi-fi furniture that will offer a lifetime of record browsing fun.

Introducing the new TUI Record Browser, a record storage option that is as attractive to look at as it is useful. Designed and manufactured by Soul to Sole Audio in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, the TUI holds up to 100 LP’s, though that would be quite tight for browsing. Around 80 albums is best for good “flickability”

Units are made from 20mm hand-oiled bamboo panels and cleverly designed with “tongue and groove” tabs and “cam” locking systems. It is sent flat packed and easily assembled in about 10 minutes and is very strong when completed.

The TUI record browser is slim and elegant looking, with a bamboo edge that looks great compared to “normal” ply. It is a more expensive material than standard plywood, but but you end up with a much nicer looking product that is also strong and eco-friendly.

The TUI is narrow enough to fit in a small space and also designed to be expandable with single units bolting together to make as long a unit as you desire. Each unit comes with connecting bolts and tools for expansion if desired.

The TUI browsers are approximately 42" tall, 23.5" deep, and 15" wide.