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Used - Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) VK-600SE stereo amp

$6,20000 $13,00000

The BAT VK-600SE is guaranteed to deliver to unprecedented musicality in a solid-state design. This flagship power amp provides the unshakable solidity you have come to expect from BAT, delivering 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 600 watts per channel into 4 Ohm loads. The VK-600SE has a delicacy to its presentation with the most realistic timbre of instruments and a natural coherence making this amp very unique in its class. This Special Edition amplifier dares to challenge the very best tube amps where their performance is the strongest – and match them note for note!

“BAT’s VK-600SE somehow manages to combine seemingly unlimited dynamic expression and center of the earth bass solidity with the midrange immediacy and transparency of a low-powered minimalist design. Suffice it to say that the VK-600SE is special indeed!”
-- Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear Award, February 2006

The VK-600’s elegant signal path continues the BAT tradition, employing zero global feedback while achieving its design principals of extremely wide bandwidth and signal linearity. Only two gain stages are employed and premium Vishay bulk metal foil resistors are used for loading. The VK-600SE offers true balanced performance, from the separate power transformers (build to BAT’s exacting standards) to the two independent power cords (with IEC so you can chose the power cords of your choice) in the single chassis. Of course this power amp is fully balanced form input to output.

The VK-600SE is the ultimate Special Edition amplifier in the world. The amp includes their innovative BAT-PAK™ which gives the listener much greater levels of energy storage. The supplied SUPER-PAK™ which includes a breathtaking double row of 16 oversized “depth charge” paper-in-oil capacitors for power supply bypass. These very costly premium parts further stabilize the power supply for the most dynamic and controlled sound you’ve ever heard. More importantly, they lend the VK-600SE liquidity, a top-to-bottom coherence, and an effortless ease that rivals the live recorded event!

Dynamic responsiveness remains the most recognizable difference between live and recorded music. Big solid-state power amps have traditionally performed well in this area, but the VK-600SE couple quickness, slam and dynamics with a deep, wide soundstage and an exquisite level of musicality previously heard only with the very best tube gear. This beast is the best…buy any measure you care to apply!


  • Two Gain Stages
  • Zero Global Feedback Design
  • Fully Balanced - Input to Output
  • Dual Monoblock Construction
  • Oil Capacitor SUPER-PAK™
  • BAT-PAK™
  • All N-Channel MOSFET Circuit