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VPI Periphery Ring clamp


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Drastically Improve the Performance of Any VPI Turntable With the VPI Periphery Outer Ring Clamp: Flattens Outer Edges of LPs, Increasing Tracking Ability and Aiding Detail Retrieval
Massive Ring Fits Just Outside LP Lead-In Groove: VPI Periphery Outer Ring Clamp Also Eliminates Edge Warps and Couples Record to Platter
Dramatically and instantly enhance the performance of any VPI turntable with the VPI Periphery Outer Ring Clamp. By flattening the outer edges of LPs, the Periphery Outer Ring Clamp increases your cartridge’s tracking ability, removes unwanted resonance, and boosts detail retrieval, all of which allow you to hear more music (and hear it more clearly and cleanly). the Periphery Outer Ring Clamp does wonders for all VPI 'tables.
A massive ring designed to sit just outside the lead-in groove, the Periphery Outer Ring Clamp uses its weight to flatten the record onto the platter, eliminating edge warps and more completely coupling the record to the platter. It works with the new steel platters and older acrylic platters.  Give us a call and speak with our analog tech Jeff Harris Moore Oklahoma 
Note: Owners of Scout, Aries 1 & 2, HW-19, older TNT 'tables will need to purchase the HRX platter and bearing in order to use the Periphery Outer Ring Clamp. Due to bearing height differences on VPI models, please give us a call if you’d like to upgrade to the Periphery Ring Clamp, and we’ll help you get the right bearing for your turntable.
Jeff Harris Oklahoma VPI Dealer