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VPI Prime Signature 21


Black in stock and ready to ship  

The Prime Signature is the next step up from the Prime, which took the world by storm 2 years ago during its initial release. It features an upgraded VPI 10” gimbal  FATBOY!!. The chassis consists of an aluminum plate sandwiched between a composite material for improved dampening. Due to the additional weight of the table, we upgraded the feet to our Classic Signature feet. In addition, both the motor housing and all Delrin posts and armboards were upgraded to a heftier stainless steel.


The Turntable:

The vinyl wrapped MDF composite material chassis is bonded with a sandwiched aluminum plate to provide the ultimate resonance control and rejects feedback

The gimbal FATBOY Tonearm 

The four Stainless Steel corner posts are designed for isolation and mechanical grounding

The 300 RPM, 24 pole, AC synchronous motor is capable of high torque and quiet operation. The motor is installed in a separate aluminum and steel machined assembly

The Inverted bearing features a hardened stainless steel shaft, 60 Rockwell chrome hardened ball, spinning in a phosphor bronze bushing and sits on a PEEK thrust disc.  The belt side load is placed at the center of the spinning bearing for zero teeter-totter effects

The 20 pound  6061 aluminum platter has an accuracy of +/- .001” in a 39” circumference

The motor pulley has an accuracy of +/- .0005” when leaving factory


Wow and flutter:  .03%

Speed Accuracy:   .04%

Rumble: >82db down

Overall Dimensions 21 ⅜" x 15 ¾"

Footprint is 19 ½" x 13 ¾"

66 lbs weight


Available Upgrades:

Periphery Ring clamp for the ultimate in record warp reduction

Analog Drive System (ADS) for the utmost accuracy in motor speed and fine speed adjustments.


Jeff Harris Oklahoma VPI Dealer