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WireWorld Ultraviolet 8 75Ω Digital Audio


WireWorld Ultraviolet 8 75Ω Digital Audio - RCA / 0.5m is ordered from manufacturer upon request.

Featuring Wireworld’s patented DNA HELIX conductor geometry, ultra-quiet COMPOSILEX 3 insulation and silver-plated oxygen-free copper strands, Ultraviolet 8 provides a true upgrade in smoothness and three-dimensional imaging. These advanced features were developed through comparisons to virtually perfect direct connections, so the improvements they make are not subtle and the sonic value they provide is truly outstanding. Available in either RCA to RCA termination, or BNC to BNC.


12 strand groups      25AWG  |  0.16 sq. mm

Silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper


24K gold-plated

RCA and BNC plug options available