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YG Acoustics Sonja 2.2i

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The Reference range demonstrates the very best that can be achieved in accuracy and musicality, and we are honored that these models are some of the most awarded loudspeakers in the world. Their designs combine the most advanced materials with advanced science and engineering, all without compromise, and all with the singular aim of transporting the listener into the heart of the music.

Sonja 2.2i is a true, reference loudspeaker and delivers the life-like, natural sound which is the hallmark of YG. This ultra-high-end loudspeaker mirrors the technologies of Sonja XVi, with the revolutionary technology of the BilletDome Tweeter and the ViseCoil bass inductors; the result is an astonishing sonic performance combined with the best of engineering and craftsmanship.

The Reference speakers are structured entirely from high-grade aerospace aluminum, machined in-house to incredible precision. With thousands of individual, precision-machined parts in each cabinet of the largest models, these speakers are painstakingly hand-built by experts in our Colorado workshop.

Our BilletCore drivers are cone-drivers machined from solid billet, offering some of the highest performance and lowest distortion in any driver available today. Combined with our ForgeCore and BilletDome tweeters, they allow the Reference range to achieve an exceptional level of accuracy, transient response, dynamics and musicality.

Crossovers constructed from the highest quality components are designed and tuned using proprietary, in-house modelling. They offer exceptional amplitude response across frequencies and incredible phase alignment across the crossover range.


±1 dB in the audible band
±5° relative phase throughout entire overlap
Exceptional pair-matching
Usable output extends from below 20 Hz to above 40 kHz

BilletDome ultra-low-distortion tweeter with ForgeCore motor
BilletCore ultra-high-rigidity woofer and midrange
Woofer: 26cm (10")
Midrange: Dual 15cm (6")

Sonja 2.2i is fully-passive
Proprietary DualCoherent 2 crossover at 65 Hz and 1.75 kHz
Designed using software developed in-house
ViseCoil bass inductors reduce residual loss and improve linearity for greater bass impact and an easier job for most amplifiers
ToroAir inductors eliminate cross-talk


4 Ohms nominal
3 Ohms minimum

51 x 13 x 25" (H x W x D)
129 x 33 x 63cm (H x W x D)

286lbs per speaker
130kg per speaker

Color Options
Sonja 2.2i is available in three finish types: anodization, ChromALure, and high gloss paint. Contact your dealer for more information.