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Zesto Audio Allasso Step Up Transformer


Zesto Audio Allasso Step Up Transformer is ordered from manufacturer upon request.

Normally ships within 2-3 weeks, call for exact shipping time.

What to know about the Allasso Step Up Transformer
“You are now free to roam the cartridge planet”!
3 Reasons You May Want a Step up Transformer
You own a very low or very high output MC cartridge.
Your cartridge Loading/Gain is difficult to match on your current system.
You own more MC cartridges than MM and don’t want to buy another phonostage.
Why You Need a Phonostage with a Step up Transformer
A step up transformer does not have the RIAA curve equalizer. It doesn’t have power either. It goes between your turntable and your phono preamp.
Why a Phonostage is So Important
When a vinyl record is made the volume of the bass is reduced and the treble is increased. Otherwise, the bass would cut a groove too big for a stylus to read or for the music to fit the record. The phonostage reverses the process by taking the delicate signal from your cartridge and adjusting it so that the bass and treble are restored to their original volume. This common standard is known as the RIAA curve.
Works on Any Phonostage
The Allasso is extremely versatile. It will work with any standard phonostage with a 47K MM input.
What Does a Step up Transformer do?
It amplifies the delicate signal from your MC cartridge. An MM cartridge has a higher output than MC, so a MC needs to have a different step up ratios/gain to reach the same output.
You Have Lots of Choices
You now have 40 options in Stereo and 40 options in Mono. It has enough adjustments to tailor it specifically to your cartridge or your next one. It’s just you and your ears, no math skills required.
What is Allasso?
Allasso in Greek means to change or transform one thing to another.